BGSU American Culture Studies Doctoral Dissertations, 1979 – 2007

In the summer of 2007, while enrolled in the PhD program in American Culture Studies (ACS) at Bowling Green State University, I was able to convince program chair, Don McQuarie, to fund a summer project to fulfill my assistantship duties. The project was to redesign the ACS website. At the time, BGSU did not mandate stylistic or design standards, so I was able to do pretty much whatever I wanted as long as I used the proper banner.

The resulting site was unwieldy, amateurish, yet ambitious. I designed a kinetic splash page that consisted of 54 .GIFs of ten images each that would transition at varying rates.  

Additionally, I collected the below information: a (hopefully) comprehensive list of all doctoral dissertation titles from the first PhD recipient in 1979 to the 2007 cohort.

I apologize if anything is incorrect. I believe the program’s current website maintains a list of more recent titles.


Dorothy Schmidt • Magazines in American Culture: An Anthology


Michael Barson • The Paperback Explosion: An American Publishing Phenomenon, 1939-1980

Jack Estes • Community Symbiosis: Badminton and Port Angeles, Washington


Gerald Bennett • The Black Church in American Culture: An Empirical Study of the Black Church Member’s Perception of the Black Church in Albany, GA as a Social Change Agent

Jane Caputi • The Age of Sex Crime

Roy Finkenbine • A Little Circle: White Philanthropists and Black Industrial Education in Postbellum South

Tim Kinch • Batesonian Holism: Implications for American Culture Studies

James Von Schilling • The Application of Humanistic Values to the Study of Mass Media in American Culture


Geoffrey R. Lealand • A Nation Tuned Into Itself: A Study of Television in New Zealand, Paying Particular Attention to the Impact of the American Contribution

Barbara J. Lindner • Working-class Culture and Unionization in North LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Mark West • Defenders of Childhood Innocence: Reformer Responses to Children’s Culture in America, 1878-1954


Elaine Bast • Media Effects in the Formation of Political Comments

Allan Futrell • Presenting the Johnson Family Weekly Blute: A Lesson in Language, Culture, and Communication

Mary Alice Herrle • Mark Twain’s Philosophical Perspectives on the Nature of Man and Human Behavior

Kathy Merlock Jackson • Images of Children in American Film: A Socio-cultural Analysis


Lesley Dick • ”I Just Want to be Wonderful”: The Cultural Legacy of Marilyn Monroe

Philip Hardy • The Iron Age Community of the J. & J. Rogers Iron Company, AuSable Valley, New York: 1825-1900

Gary Hoppenstand • On the Trail of the Paper Tiger: A Sociological Perspective of Myth, Formula, and the Mystery Genre in the Entertainment Print Mass Medium

Carol M. Peirce • Cosmopolitan: The Democratization of American Beauty Culture

Gloria Yap • USIA Publications: Legitimate Instruments of American Culture Diffusion in the Philippines


Jackie Donath • Design as Mass Communication: An Iconological Case Study of the Work of Charles and Ray Eames

Andrew Gulliford • Boomtown Blues: Colorado Oil Shale, 1885-1985

Marian Moore • The Advertising Image of Black Americans, 1880-1920 and 1968-1979: A Thematic and Interpretive Approach

Patricia Raub • Popularizing the City: Urban Imagery in the National Geography Magazine, 1950-1984

Garyn Roberts • Black Days, Grotesque Rogues, and Square-Jawed Justice: The World of Dick Tracy


Robert Doyle • In the Public Domain: Musical Performance as Social Communication in a Folkloric Context

Robin Haynes • Landscape as Palimpsest: The Fugitive Images of Southwestern Colorado

Yasue Kuwahara • The Promised Land: Images of America in Rock Music

Michael Pryzdia • Prescription For a Postmodern Era: An Examination of the Work of Joseph Campbell and the Postmodern Meaning of “Meaning”

Connee Ornelas • The Depiction of Sexuality in Daytime Television Melodrama


Deborah Dawson • Laboring in My Savior’s Vineyard: The Mission of Eliza Hart Spalding


Thomas Edwards • The Pursuit of the Ideal: Mass Culture & Mass Politics in the Works of Dwight Macdonald

Gaddie Griffin • Homophony and Paronomasia in America: On the Validity of Puns

Robin A. Haynes • Landscape as Palimpsest: The Fugitive Images of Southwestern Colorado

Therese L. Lueck • The Women’s Pages as Women’s Mediated Discourse at the Time of the Enactment of the 19th Amendment


Anne Kennedy • Louisa May Alcott: Culture, Family, and Fiction

Michael Pettengell • Naturalism in American Hard-Boiled Fiction: The First Four Decades

Renate Prescott • Vietnam War Literature: The Movement from War to Home

William Romanowski • Rock’n’Religion: A Socio-cultural Analysis of the Contemporary Christian Music Industry

Duane Vorhees • The “Jewish Science” of Immanuel Velikovsky: Culture and Biography as Ideational Determinants

Daniel F. Ward • Authenticity in the Cultural Hybrid: A Critique of the Community Paradigm in Folk Studies


Sarah Coburn • The Invasion of the Comedy Snatchers: Fantasy Sitcoms and Cultural Criticism

James Kaser • The Army of the Cumberland and the Battle of Chickamauga: An Exercise in Perspectivist Historical Research

Edward Wells • Growing Green: Changing Paradigms in America’s Pesticide Use

Li-hua Yu • Chinese Immigrants in Idaho


Stephen Ashby • Hermeneutic of Suspicion and the Scapegoat: Toward Ontological Understanding

Elizabeth Martina Bishop • Re-shaping Ethnicity: The Half-blood as Shaman in Native American Literature

Christine Catanzarite • The Genetics of Genre: The Musical Film and the Hybridization of Popular Narrative Forms

Jeannie Ludlow • Writing Monahseetah: Native American Poets (and) Writing the Body

Angela Nelson • A Theomusicological Approach to Rap: A Model Study for the Study of African American Popular and Folk Musics

Vida Penezic • Belgrade City Center: Some Aspects of the Transnational in Culture

Phyllis Scrocco • A Ritual Analysis of Women and Work in Selected Situation Comedies, 1963-1973

Brendan Strasser • “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)”: Keith Haring, Post- modern Hieroglyphics, Panic Graffiti, and the Fun Apocalypse, and the Language of Hyperreality

Thomas Zitt • Reinventing Nature in America’s First National Park: Struggles Over Management Politics in Yellowstone


David Andersen • Erik H. Erikson’s Challenge to Modernity

Iain Ellis • U/Dys/Topian Significations: The Dissemination of the Punk Aesthetic Across 1980′s American Culture

Wayne Sneath • The Conspiratorial Ideology of Right-Wing Extremism in the 1990s: A Cultural Analysis of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City

Charles R.Warner • Jah As Genre: The Interface of Reggae and American Popular Music

Yan-wen Xia • The Sojourner Myth and Chinese Immigrants in the United States


Kenneth Bielen • Lyrics of Civility: The Language of Popular Music and the Secularization of American Culture

Ursula Hans • The Formation of American Identities: Pennsylvania and South Carolina 1730-1776

Xiao-Yang Jiang • Cross-cultural Philanthropy as a Gift Relationship: The Rockefeller Foundation Donors and Chinese Recipients

Marie Louden-Hanes • Winslow Homer and the Demimode

Michael Pryzdia • The Wake of Imagination and the Postmodern Meaning of “Meaning”

Virginia Schwartz • The Collegiate Culture: An Examination of the Role of Television in Addressing the Developmental Tasks of Unity and Differentiation

Michael Stephens • The Shiftiness of Childhood

Jacqueline Thursby • Basque Women of the American West

Benjamin Urish • Northwest Ohio Women’s Literary Clubs as Arbiters of Culture: 1880-1918

Helfried Zrzavy • America Through Its Comedians: Comedy and Culture on Film


Kay Campbell • Afrikan/Native American, Art and Resistance: Dual Heritage and the Art of Edmonia Lewis

James Coon • Sixties Entertainment Television and Cold War Discourse

Paul Fischer • Radical Pedagogy and the Interdisciplinary Revolution: Teaching “Youth Culture” for the Twenty-First Century

Leah Hackleman • The First Year?: Gendering 1968

Mark Howell • From Moonshine to Madison Avenue: A Cultural History of the NASCAR Winston Cup Series

Imelda Hunt • An Oral History of Art Tatum During His Years in Toledo, OH 1909-1932

Theodore Ligibel • The Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor as a Model of the Cultural Morphology of the Historic Preservation Movement

Molly Merryman • Gendering the Warrior: The Disbandment of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II

Sally Myers • Northwest Ohio Women’s Literary Clubs as Arbiters of Culture: 1880-1918

Phyllis Zrzavy • Erik H. Erikson’s Epiphanies: An Interpretive-Interactionist Study of the Select Aspects of His Life and Work


Richard Gilman • The Unity School of Christianity and the Development of Therapeutic Culture in the United States, 1889-1920

Anne Lacsamana • Colonialism, Globalization, and the Filipina Mail-Order Bride\

Michael Marsh • [unknown title]

Steven C. Steele • ”Subvert the Dominant Paradigm”: Environmentalism, Earth First!, and Opposition Theory


Marcella Bush • From Mythic History to Historic Myth: Captain John Smith and Pocahontas in Popular History

Louis Eason • A Time of Destiny: Ifa Culture and Festivals in Ile-Ife, Nigeria and Oyotunji African Village in Sheldon, South Carolina

Leonard Gadzekpo • Comparative Study of African American and Nigerian Art from the 1960s to the 1970s: A Cultural History Perspective

Barbara Kunkle • Appalachia and the Imagination of Empire

Kelly Mayhew • “Nobody in Town Can Bake a Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine:” Women’s Expressions/ Performances of Sexuality in the Twenties and Early Thirties

James Miller • Post-modernism and Utopia: Dystopian/Utopian Themes in the Works of Don DeLillo, Harold Jaffe and Octavia Butler

Colleen Vallo (Cook) • Cultural and Legal Analysis of the 1996 Communications Decency Act


Matthew Johnson • Beyond Futility: On the Responsibilities of Critical Intellectuals in Social Change

Torey King • Who You Calling a Feminist?: Creating New Feminisms in Popular Music, 1986-1994

Dean Kohrs • Repurposing Professor Campbell: A Qualitative Study Concerning New Media Intellectual Property and Scholarship

Dorothy LaRouth Perry • The 1957 Desegregation Crisis of Little Rock, Arkansas: A Meeting of Histories

Marcella McCoy • African American Fraternities and Sororities and African Communities: Cultural Parallels Among Selected Public Rituals

Randall Norris • God and Nature In Cumberland County: Disaster Narratives From East Tennessee

William Peterson • Storm Warriors: The US Life-Saving Service in American Culture, 1870-1915

Beth Shervey • That Place with That Theatre: The Convergence of the Little Theater on the Square and Small-Town Ideals in Sullivan, Illinois 1957-1977

Mary Thompson • Women and Technologies of Body Modifications

David Wall • Subject to Disorder: Carnival and the Grotesque Body in Antebellum Literature and Culture


James Beeby • Revolt of the Tar Heelers: A Socio-Political History of the Populist Movement in North Carolina, 1892-1901

Charlene Etkind (Blair) • Communities in Cyberspace: An Investigation into the Cohesion of Internal Relay Chat Channels and Relationships Between Participants

Jeff Flagg • The Road Toward Wisdom: The Evolution of Land Ethical Attitudes in the Adirondack State Park

Leman Giresunlu • American Women’s Travels to Turkey at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Dawn Heinecken • The Women Warriors in Television: A Feminist Cultural Analysis of the New Female Body In Popular Media

Vicki Ohl • Kay Swift: Style, Wit and Class in an American Composer

Joseph Ruff • The Importance of Being Ernest: The Aesthetics of Sincerity in Local Country Music Networks

Clifford Vaughn • Dixieland Demonstrations: The Display of Power in Selmians’ Struggle for Civil Rights

Sharon Vriend • “My Life in the White World”: The European-American Representation of Marion Anderson, 1939-1957


Charles Coletta • Italian American Images in Contemporary Popular Culture

Philip Dickinson • ”Squatters in our Imaginations”: Framing the Discourse of Captivity, 1682-1979

Kenneth Dvorak • Murder, Nativism and Americanism: The Black Legion as an Urban Hybrid of Ethnocultural Conflict

Victoria Lees • Heresy or Hearsay: Investigating the Documents of the Trials of Anne Hutchinson

Diana Montague • Empowering the Sense of Place: Regional Detection Fiction Elevates Non-Urban American Culture

Christine Nerad • Dressed for Rape: The Case Against the Disruptive Female in American Culture

Michael Robinson • Audience Construction of Genre: Science Fiction

Bazan Romero • Nuclear Colonization or Self-determination: A Study of the Planned MRS at the Mescalero Apache Reservation

Rufus Sanders • The Life of William J. Seymour: Black Father of the 20th Century Pentecostal Movement

Yvonne Sims • From Mammie to Action Heroines: Female Empowerment in Black Popular Cinema

Juliann Sivulka • Stronger than Dirt: A Cultural History of Advertising of Personal Hygiene in America, 1875 to 1940

Molly Swiger • Consuming “Third World” Children: Constructing an American Self

Annette Taylor • Legal Ramifications of Outside-Activity Restrictions on Journalists First Amendment

Maryan Wherry • Military Wives and the Western Frontier: A Cultural Reading of Their Public Accounts


Carrol Arnold • ”If It Is to Be, It’s Up to Me”: Migration Narrative of African American Women in Brooklyn, New York

Allen Barksdale • A Construction of Community Among Miners during the California Gold Rush

Camilla Dacey-Groth • Slaves of Fiction: Coming to terms with the American Holocaust through representations of slavery in post-civil-rights film and fiction

Solomon Davidoff • Allusions to Popular Faith in C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia

Matthew Donahue • The Message Behind the Beat: Social and Political Attitudes Expressed in American Rap and Punk Rock Music of the 1980′s and the Early 1990′s.

Kriss Ferluga • X Marks What’s Not: Stereotypes and Strategies in the Construction of a Generational Subculture

Kyoko Kishimoto • Race and History Wars in the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. and Japanese Media

Anne Lacsamana • An Examination of Filipino Mail-Order Brides

Wayne Marshall • Effable Names-A Philosophical Inquiry Into How and Why We Name God

Julio Rodriguez • Whiting up: Negotiating Color and Masculinity in the Black Athlete

John Streamas • Japanese Americans and Cultures of Relocation


John Barksdale • A Construction of Community among Miners during the California Gold Rush

Julia Mason • Involvement of Margins: Women’s Experiences with the Mainstream and at the Margins of Breast Health

Babacar M’Baye • Afrinanisms, Race Relations, and Diasporic Identities in Mules and Men, Go tell it on the Mountain, and Mumbo Jumbo

Ilana Nash • “America’s Kid Sister”: Teenaged Girls And Popular Culture, 1930-1965

Jack Vitek • Generoso Pope Jr. and the National Enquirer: The Tabloidization of American Culture


Servando Halili Jr. • Visualizing the New Empire: Race and Gender Images and the American Colonization of the Philippines

Mike DuBose • Reaganism’s Cultural Disintegration: Identity Within the Confluence of Popular Culture During the Reagan Era

David Richardson • A Sociological Examination of the Contemporary Self-Help

Margaret Weinberger • How America Invented Thanksgiving


Klevor Abo • Black Whiteness, White Blackness and the Making of Global African Identities

Joyce Barry • Mountaineers are always Free?; An Examination of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in West Virginia

Roger Chapman • American Progressivism and the Cold War: The Case of Edward Lamb of Toledo, OH (1901-1987)

Colleen Coughlin • Lezbe Friends, U-Hauls and Baubo: A Study of Lesbian Stand-Up Comedy

Kurt Dershem • Consumerism and Its Discontents: American Anticonsumerist Movements

Davin Heckman • It’s a Small World After All; Smart Homes, Narrative, and the Technology of the Perfect Day

Elizabeth Johnson • African American Women’s Hair as Text

Timothy Lake • A Certain Democracy: The Political Philosophies of Martin Luther King Jr. and Cornel West

Kelly McLain • The Lynching of Nicole Brown Simpson; An Analysis of White Patriarchal Racism, Black Patriarchy, and Interracism in America

Jeff Schwartz • New Black Music: Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones) and Jazz, 1959-1965


Kent R. Bean • Policing the Borders of Identity at the Mormon Miracle Pageant

Timothy Shawn • Elizondo “The Consumption of Masculinity One Object at a Time”: A Sociological Approach to Understanding Masculinity vis-à-vis Jean Baudrillard’s System of Objects

Meredith Guthrie • Somewhere In-Between: Tween Queens and the Marketing Machine

Taeyon Kim • The Moving Eye: From Cold War Subject to Middle Class Cosmopolitan, Korean Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery, 1955-2001

Julie O’Reilly • Power versus Empowerment: A Textual Analysis of Television’s Superpowered Women, 1996-2005

Scott M. Walter • White Is and White Ain’t: Representations and Analyses of Whiteness in the Novels of Chester Himes


Elliot Adams • Feminist Manifestos and the Rhetoric of Whiteness

Lisa Doris Alexander • Race on First, Class on Second, Gender on third, and Sexuality Up to Bat: Intersectionality and Power in Major League Baseball, 1995-2005

Maria D. DeRose • Searching for Wonder Women: Examining Women’s Non-Violent Power in Feminist Science Fiction

Lori S. Liggett • Mothers, Militants, Martyrs, & “M’M! M’M! Good!” Taming the New Woman: Campbell Soup Advertising in Good Housekeeping, 1905-1920

Jeanine Pfahlert • The Sociological Hitch

Jamie Stuart • The lesbian gaze: The business and pleasure of filmic lesbians performing onstage and off

Marilyn Yaquinto • Policing the World: American Mythologies and Hollywood’s Rogue Cop Character


Matthew Mace Barbee • Memory, Race, and Communal Belonging in Narrative and Art: Richmond, Viginia’s Monument Avenue, 1948-1996

Sandra B. Conaway • Girls Who (Don’t) Wear Glasses: The Performativity of Smart Girls on Teen Television

Christina Gerken • Immigrant Anxieties: 1990s Immigration Reform and the Neoliberal Consensus

Bradley S. Klypchak • Performed Identities: Heavy Metal Musicians between 1984 and 1991

Dan Shope • Shattered Glass and Broken Dreams: Utilizing the Works of Michel De Certeau to Analyze Coping Mechanisms and Overt Forms of Resistance among Glass Workers in Huntington, West Virginia

Stephen C. Swanson • The Stranger in the Dark: The Ethics of Levinasian-Derridaean Hospitality in Noir

Dustin S. Tahmahkera • Representations of Redface: Decolonizing the American Situation Comedy’s “Indian”

Patrick Vrooman • Passing Masculinities at Boy Scout Summer Camp