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Curriculum Vitae

Colin Helb, PhD
Department of Communications
Elizabethtown College
206C Steinman Center
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Current Position

Assistant Professor of Communications, Elizabethtown College

Recent Courses

Elizabethtown College

Introduction to Communications (Com 120)

Media Production and Design (Com 125)

Visual Communications (Com 130)

Audio Applications and Techniques (Com 220)

Media Production for Corporate Communications (Com 235)

Writing for New Media (Com 310)

Digital Media Convergence (Com 315)

Communications Senior Seminar (Com 485)

Bowling Green State University

Film & Television Criticism

Interactive Media Technologies

Special Topics: Music, Subculture, & Identity

Cultural Pluralism in the United States


PhD, American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University, 2009

MLA, Interdisciplinary Studies, Temple University, 2004

BA, Liberal Arts, West Virginia University, 2000

Past Academic & Professional Experience

Instructor of Telecommunications & American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University, 2005-2009

Assistant to the Archivist, Music Library & Sound Recording Archives, Bowling Green State University, 2006-2007

Assistant Archivist, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, 2004-2005

Research, Conference Presentations, and Publications

Helb, C. “WiFi.” Encyclopedia of Social Networking. Eds. George Barnett, J. Geoffrey Golson. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2011.

Helb, C. “College Radio in the 21st Century.” (Chair) Popular Culture and American Culture Association Conference, San Antonio, TX. April 2011.

Helb, C. “Can’t Quit Your Day Job: The Liminal Space of the Semiprofessional Musician.” American Studies Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX. November 2010.

Helb, C. “Experimental Music’s (Extra)Terrestrial Alienation.” Popular Culture and American Culture Association Conference, St. Louis MO, April 2010.

Helb, C. “Average Community.” Battleground States 2010: War(s) and Peace, Bowling Green OH, February 2010.

Helb, C. “Deriving ‘Authenticity’ From Obscure Fiction: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains (1981) as Prototype for the Riot Grrrl Movement.” Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association Annual Conference, Boston MA. November 2009.

Helb, C. “Review of Straightedge: Complexity and Contradictions of a Subculture.” (Robert T. Wood. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse UP, 2006) Popular Music and Society.New York: Routledge, July 2009.

Helb, C. “Cultural Capital of Voluntarily Freely Distributed Music via the Internet.” International Association for the Study of Popular Music-US, Iowa City IA. April 2008.

Helb, C. “Foreign ‘Bodies’: The Forgotten Films of Watson Kintner.”Battleground States 2008: The Body and Culture, Bowling Green OH. February 2008.

Helb, C. “’We Called it United Front’”: Second-wave Straight Edge Hardcore and Nostalgia.” Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association Conference, Philadelphia PA. November 2007.

Helb, C. “Review of Straight Edge: Clean Living Youth, Hardcore Punk, and Social Change.” (Ross Haenfler. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 2006) Journal of Popular Culture. New York: Blackwell, April 2007.

Helb, C. “From the Garage to GarageBand: The Professionalization of Amateur Musicianship.” Popular Culture and American Culture Association Conference, Boston MA. April 2007.

Helb, C. “That was This is Spinal Tap: Baudrillard’s Favorite Reel Band.” Mid-West Popular Culture and American Culture Association Conference, Indianapolis IN. October 2006.

Helb, C. “Is it Live or is it Live 8?: Problems in Analyzing Live Mediated Events.” Battleground States 2006: Scholarship in Times of Crisis, Bowling Green OH. April 2006.

Helb, C. “They Did the Mash: The Technological Quest to Continue Oral Folk Tradition.” Assoc. for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication, Midwest, Bowling Green OH. March 2006.


Faculty Advisor, WWEC (Student-operated radio), Elizabethtown College, 2010-current

Member, Academic Occations Committee, Elizabethtown College, 2010-current

Tuesdays at the Gish Film Series, Bowling Green State University, 2007-2009

Battleground States Conference, Bowling Green State University, 2006-2009

Graduate Student Senate, Bowling Green State University, 2005-2009

Broadcast Advisory Council, Bowling Green State University, 2005-2009

American Culture Studies Executive Committee, Bowling Green State University, 2007-2008

Humanities Panel, Toledo Museum of Art, 2008

American Culture Studies Webmaster, Bowling Green State University, 2007

Community Action Project, Bowling Green State University, 2006

Academic Organization Membership

National Communications Association

American Studies Association

Popular Culture Association

International Association for the Study of Popular Music

Phi Kappa Phi National Honors Society

Creative Activities

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