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The Sound of Elizbethtown (Program)

“The Sound of Elizabethtown” is a weekly two-hour program broadcasted live WWEC, Elizabethtown College's student-operated radio station, and as 30-minute episodes on ECTV, Elizabethtown College's student-operated television station. The program is also made available as a video and audio podcast. The show focuses on issues, topics, news, events, and culture of the Elizabethtown College community. Guests include faculty, students, staff, and alumni of Elizabethtown College; various guests of the College; and other invited guests.

“The Sound of Elizabethtown” airs live on WWEC from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on Wednesdays during the fall and spring semester, and throughout the week on ECTV.

The show is produced by Colin Helb, Assistant Professor of Communications, and Andy Williams, Director of Broadcasting. Two student producers handle production assistance with programming/guest coordination during the live broadcast and the packaging of the video in post-production.

Production Method

“The Sound of Elizabethtown” is unscripted, casual, conversational, and live. Minimal thematic and structural pre-production occurs. This is a “warts and all” production with full exposure of the methods and mechanics of production. The show is produced first as if it is a radio program. Three cameras connected to a manual switcher feed a live-to-tape video edit of the program. The only additional video production is the insertion of titles at the beginning and end of each of the radio program's four episodes and optional video PSAs to replace the recorded radio PSAs.


For purposes of this production, terms will be defined as follows:

Show : The show is the collected run of *The Sound of Elizabethtown*. In order to avoid confusion with the station's motto, the program may be referred to as *The Sound of Elizabethtown Show*, but the addition of “Show” should only ever be used referentially, hover in the program. See *Saturday Night Live's* usage of “Live from New York, it's Saturday Night” as an introduction.

Program : The program is the single weekly live two-hour broadcast on radio.

Episode : Each program produces three video episodes of approximately a half hour.

Act : Each episode contains two acts. The first act is approximately twelve (12) minutes long and the second act is approximately eight (8) long.

Segments :

Recurring Segments


The ideal configuration will be to have two guests to stay for the duration of one episode. In some configurations, the guest will know each other, work together, or have similarities in interests and/or activities. For sample, a faculty member may suggest that a particular student join him/her in order to discuss an exciting creative or research activity. Likewise, a student may suggest a faculty or staff member join him/her.

It may also occur that the production staff may team two guests together based on common interests or activities. In yet in some additional configurations of guests, a purposefully “unusual” pairing may occur.

Guests will coordinate with a student production assistant. Preparation for the unscripted program will consist of only guests' completion of the ”Guest Answer Sheet” (GAS). The completed GAS must be emailed to the production assistant by 24 hours prior to broadcast (usually around 11:00 am on a Tuesday morning).


Visitors” is a web series within the program.

Show Run-Down

Two-hour live program is divided up into 30 minute episodes (for purposes of the television broadcast). The program/episodes are divived up as follows

Time Radio Television
0:00 Theme Song Title (Episode A)
0:01 Show and Guest Introductions Production Credits
0:03 Segment 1 Episode A, Act I
0:15 PSA Break
0:17 News Break
0:20 PSA Break
0:22 Segment 2 Episode A, Act II
0:29 Outro & Theme Song Closing Credits
0:30 Music Break no video
0:40 Theme Song Title (Episode B)
0:41 Show and Guest Introductions Production Credits
0:43 Segment 3 Episode B, Act I
0:55 PSA Break
0:57 News Break
1:00 PSA Break
1:02 Segment 4 Episode B, Act II
1:09 Outro & Theme Song Closing Credits
1:10 Music Break no video
1:20 Theme Song Title (Episode C)
1:21 Show and Guest Introductions Production Credits
1:23 Segment 3 Episode B, Act I
1:35 PSA Break
1:37 News Break
1:40 PSA Break
1:42 Segment 4 Episode B, Act II
1:49 Outro & Theme Song Closing Credits
1:50 END


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