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Professional Development Plan 2014-2015

Professional Development Plan submitted for the 2014-2015 school year. Goals and projects for the school year.

PDP goals for 2014-15.


  • Ordered List ItemUpdate content for “Digital Media Convergence & Design” (Com 310) course to reflect recent events, changing roles of technology, Internet culture, and new media communications.
  • Prep “Introduction to Communications” (Com 120). This will be the first time I am teaching the course since Fall 2009.
  • Continue to advise communications majors as assigned.
  • Develop special topics course for possible summer offering on documentary production.


  • Produce a paper on the mediatized live event. The project is a comparative study of ethnographic video shot at the Live 8 Philadelphia concert, one of several global “events” produced under the brand in 2005, in relation to analyses of broadcast, webcast, commercial sale, and cultural capitol. Abstract has been accepted for inclusion in a special issue of The Journal of Rock Music Studies entitled “The Live Concert Experience.” Final manuscript to be delivered December 2014.
  • Produce a chapter titled “‘What's for tea, daughter?’: Gender and Technology in Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out (2005)” for a collection on the phenomenon of the “self-made” rock and pop album as a realization of an “auteur theory” of popular music production. The book is being edited by Dr. Steven Hamelman, Professor of English at Coastal Carolina University, who is in discussion with publisher(s). Final manuscript to be delivered May 2015.
  • Engage in a variety of scholarly activities at the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Conference (MAPACA), November 2014, and the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference (PCA/ACA), April 2015, including organization of the music area panels for MAPACA, organization of the Internet culture area panels for PCA/ACA, chair/moderate several panels, participate in roundtables, and other activities.
  • Continue to work as a consultant for Italian web development firm, CommuniKitchen.
  • Continue to work with Saturday Afternoon Pictures, an independent film production studio.
  • Engage in pre-production research in the production of open-access, digital, peer-reviewed journals. The goal is to develop an innovative delivery method and overall approach to on-line scholarship in order to launch an as-of-yet unnamed journal in the summer of 2015. This is a collaborative project with several other scholars.


  • Continue to advise WWEC, Elizabethtown College’s student-operated radio station.
  • During the 2014-2015 school year, an initiative will explore cross-platform student media production methods. Several student-based projects will explore the relationships between the Etownian, WWEC, and ECTV as delivery platforms and to produce dynamic content. The content will be focused on the campus culture of Elizabethtown College and will feature collaborations between students, faculty, and staff. Currently, three original programs are in the pre-production stage to be made available in print, live radio broadcast, televised broadcast, online streaming, and on-demand download.
  • Assist the faculty and staff of the Department of Communications as needed or requested.
  • Continue to serve the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association as its Executive Secretary and co-chair of its music area.
  • Continue to serve the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association as chair of its Internet Culture area.

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