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Communications Arts Program, 1975

The below information was taken from scanned materials produced by and/or for the department, presumably prior to the 1975 school year.

About the Program

The Communication Arts Program, involving the areas of speech, theatre, broadcasting, and journalism, is conceived as a liberal arts study designed to fit the student to lead a meaningful and productive life on personal, interpersonal, and public levels; assist the student in developing the ability to communicate effectively in a democratic society; lay a strong foundation for careers in the professions, government, public or social service, the ministry, counseling, business, industry, and education. In addition, the program offers activities which are open to the entire college community: play production, forensics and debate. radio broadcasting in conjunction with WWEC college radio.


Requirements for a BA in Communication Arts are Com 105, 151, 231, 241, 12 additional hours from the Communication Arts program, 15 additional hours which may or may not be taken within the Communication Arts Program subject to the following conditions:

  • the student will be required to submit in welling to his advisor. the rationale for selecling courses, and how they would relate to his overall program. the goals, and the objectives which he has established for himself in consultation with his advisor;
  • this rationale must be approved by the advisor and chairman of the program and would go into the advisee's folder.

Requirements for a BA in Communications Arts with secondary certification are a Communication Arts core of 18 hours including Com 105, En 201 or ML 387, En 100, En 306a, for all three tracks (see below). If the chosen track is in literature. the remaining six hours of the core are to be in Communication Arts courses. If the track is either Speech-Mass Communications or Theatre, the remaining six courses are to be in Literature. llln1t1Ure. Communication Arts majors with secondary education certification may not be exempted from English composition courses or the basic speech course by competency tests.

Any student majoring in Communication Arts is expected to actively participate in the various extracurricular activities sponsored by the program.

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