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I have taken down a lot of this Wiki, not that anyone but me ever really visited it.

It's mostly a sandbox.

Why you are here?


I am an assistant professor of communications at Elizabethtown College (where I also advise the College's student-operatred radio station, WWEC), co-editor of Hardcore, Punk, and Other Junk, Executive Secretary of the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association (also co-area chair of its Music area, and area chair of the Internet Culture area of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association.

I'm pretty easy to find.

Current Courses

Com 310

Com 220: Audio Applications & Techniques

Com 261: Introduction to Cinema

Professional Activity

Professional Development Plan 2014-2015: Elizabethtown College requires an annual professional development plan of full time faculty. Links to current projects and developments.

Application for Tenure: A sandbox of materials being compiled for tenure application.

History of Communications at Elizabethtown College

I am ever the archivist. I find materials in file cabinets, sometimes I make a copy, sometimes I save them. They are snapshots of the history of my department and the discipline at a small liberal arts college.

Communications Arts Program, 1975

Secret Project

Come on in...

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